tolino vision 3 HD features

Technical specifications tolino vision 3 HD

Display 6-inch E-Ink Carta display with High-Resolution Display (300 ppi, 1448 × 1072 pixel) integrated reading light (activatable, infi nitely adjustable), 16-level gray scale
Dimensions 114 × 163 × 8.1 mm
Weight 174 g
Operation Capacitative touchscreen
Battery Li-polymer battery, 1500 mAh
Battery capacity Up to 7 weeks battery life
Connectivity WLAN (802.11 b/g/n), free use of Deutsche Telekom AG HotSpots across Germany (after registering with a bookseller), micro USB
Processor 1.000 MHz Freescale i.MX6
RAM 512 MB
Storage (internal) 4 GB (2 GB available for eBooks)
Cloud storage (tolino Cloud for eBooks) 5 GB
Supported formats Adobe DRM protected: ePUB, PDF; Unsecured: ePUB, PDF, TXT
Features Water Protection by HZO, tap2flip, dictionary function, translation function, fast browsing function, Convenient library link for all tolino booksellers; Safely store, manage and easily synchronize your eBooks with mobile devices via the tolino Cloud (5 GB)
Warranty 24-month manufacturer warranty, Water Protection by HZO
What's in the box tolino vision 3 HD eReader, USB 2.0 charging and connection cable (USB type A to micro B), user manual (ebook pre-installed on eReader), quick start guide. Accessories available separately

tolino vision 3 HD features for readers

Adjustable font size Choice of 7 font sizes for ePUB files, zoom option for PDF files
Selection of fonts Publisher's standard displayed, additional choice of five E Ink optimized fonts
Create and manage highlights X
Add annotations and create notes X
Create ebook collections X
Integrated dictionary X
Integrated translation function X
Links in eBooks X
Easy bookmarks X
Table of contents X
Full-text search within eBooks X
Easy page navigation X
Optimized hyphenation X
PDF to text function X
Integrated frontlight with infinitely adjustable brightness X
Download tolino vision 3 HD factsheet (PDF)