The eReader for maximum reading pleasure

  • New 300 ppi E Ink Carta display for pin-sharp typography
  • Water Protection by HZO – perfectly protected against moisture
  • tap2flip for innovative page-turning with one hand
  • Integrated lighting so you can read in the dark
  • Compact and practical design with flat surface and touchscreen
  • Useful functions: font settings, dictionary, notes and more
  • Up to 7 weeks battery life
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pin sharp display with 300 ppi - tolino vision 3 HD

New 300 ppi E Ink Carta display

Thanks to its next-generation display, the tolino vision 3 HD offers you an even higher resolution and higher contrast screen with less flicker when turning pages. Gentle to your eyes and glare-free even in bright sunlight, the 300 ppi E Ink Carta display on the new tolino vision 3 HD delivers perfect reading pleasure. Pin-sharp, paper-like display of even small fonts, combined with the benefits of digital reading! A wide range of useful functions make your every reading break easier. And when it gets dark: simply turn on the integrated reading light, set it to your preferred brightness, and … keep reading.

Perfectly protected against water with tolino vision 3 HD.

Perfectly protected against water

The tolino vision 3 HD is ready for anything and optimally protected against water damage thanks to nano-coating. This helpful new waterproofing forgives even quick dips into water with your eReader, so you can read safely and comfortably in the bath or on the beach. The new tolino vision 3 HD features Water Protection. That means you can immerse your tolino into fresh water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter – and of course you can go right on reading afterwards! If your tolino vision 3 HD accidentally comes into contact with other fluids, simply rinse it off with tap water and let it dry for 48 hours.

tap2flip - turn pages easily with one hand

The new tap2flip functionality of the tolino vision 3 HD is a unique innovation for relaxed reading with just one hand. It lets you turn pages simply by lightly tapping the back of the device. This means you can hold your eReader comfortably in one hand and easily turn pages. Perfect for when you’re traveling and have only one hand free, or for reading lying down! Of course you can also still use the capacitive touchscreen of your tolino vision 3 HD to turn pages.

Open system for complete freedom of choice – buy eBooks wherever you like

tolino believes in openness and in offering a product that is customer-friendly – now and down the line. That’s why the tolino vision 3 HD supports the standard eBook format ePUB (with and without DRM) and allows you complete freedom to choose where you buy your eBooks. You can comfortably load existing ePUB and PDF eBooks and TXT files onto your tolino vision 3 HD and read them there. The easy reading experience: simple, practical and versatile with tolino.

tolino Cloud – safely store and synchronize ebooks

Access your eBooks easily and safely even when you’re out and about. You can access your eBook library at any time and even from different reading devices, and with 25 GB of storage (enough for about 25,000 eBooks) you’ll never run out of space for your reading treasures in the tolino Cloud.  The reading apps from the tolino booksellers and the tolino web reader are easy ways to enjoy your eBooks on your smartphone, tablet or directly in the browser of other mobile devices. This means you can also use the convenient tolino reading functions on all your reading devices – even if you don’t have your tolino vision 3 HD to hand.

Everything you need to know about the tolino Cloud

integrated lighting tolino vision 3 HD

Integrated lighting so you can read in the dark

Infinitely adjustable and directly integrated – the reading light in the tolino vision 3 HD lets you read your books even in the dark or under bad lighting.  When activated, it illuminates the tolino vision 3 HD’s E Ink Carta display not from below, but indirectly from above, ensuring an evenly lit screen.

tolino vision 3 HD battery

Up to 7 weeks battery life

Thanks to up to seven weeks battery life you’d best make a note of where you stored your charger – you won’t be using it much! The tolino vision 3 HD consumes hardly any power as you read, and is a reliable companion on your journey into the world of books. Even on holiday there’s no need to worry about finding a power outlet – and you’ll never have to be without the practical reading functions of your tolino vision 3 HD.

tolino vision 3 HD screen flight mode and wlan settings

Download eBooks directly via WLAN

Download hotly anticipated new releases, outstanding bestsellers or current eBook bargains to your eReader in seconds! Simply connect your tolino vision 3 HD to your WLAN and browse the integrated bookshop for new eBooks. Free access to numerous Telekom HotSpots across Germany (after registering with a bookseller customer account free of charge) lets you quickly connect to the Internet even when you’re on the go.

Over 2 million eBooks

Over 2 million eBooks await your reading pleasure and are available from the eBook shops of the tolino booksellers. The tolino vision 3 HD offers plenty of space for your new and older reading treasures – thanks to 4 GB of storage, over 2 GB of which are available for your books, there’s room for up to 2,000 eBooks on your tolino eReader, where you can read them any time.

Benefits at a glance

  • 300 ppi E Ink Carta screen – pin-sharp display even of small fonts

  • 2 GB of storage for up to 2000 eBooks (of 4 GB total)

  • tap2flip lets you turn pages easily by tapping on the rear of the device

  • Water Protection keeps your device safe from moisture

  • Read even in the dark with the infinitely adjustable reading light

  • Up to 7 weeks battery life

  • Safely store, manage and easily synchronize your eBooks with mobile devices via the tolino Cloud

  • 24-month manufacturer warranty, Water Protection by HZO

  • Integrated eBook shop with over 2 million eBooks

  • Slim design with flat front – lightweight and especially easy to handle

  • Excellent tolino service – online, over the phone and in our bricks-and-mortar stores

  • Compatible with eBooks from public lending libraries

  • Open system – compatible with ePUB, PDF and TXT

  • Download new eBooks around the clock via WLAN and start reading instantly

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